FUN: Too Many Cooks

The great thing about something as meta and post-modern as Too Many Cooks is its unbridled originality…er, wait a minute…

This was a student film by Erica Rupp in 2010. Lots of similar oddities and themes in Door’s Always Open as there are in Too Many Cooks.

I suspect this is nothing more than a coincidence. As Erica Rupp said about Too Many Cooks: “Eh idea’s[sic] are in the air man. I’m happy they’re doing awesome stuff. Their video was bomb.”

I like that phrase: Ideas are in the air, man!

Erica totally needs to do a director’s cut of her film to add Smarf.



2 responses to “FUN: Too Many Cooks”

  1. Erica Rupp Avatar

    Haha, awesome! Thanks Jason. I think you’re right; the obvious lack of Smarf was my mistake on round one. I WILL NOT FAIL YOU NEXT TIME. Love you and thanks for the thoughtful post.

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I hope Too Many Cooks bleeds some viral love your direction!

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