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  • FUN: Picking the perfect book as a gift for friends and family

    FUN: Picking the perfect book as a gift for friends and family

    If there’s ever a gifting trap, it’s the one that happens when you decide to buy a book for someone you know. I can remember several instances over the years where I could sense that the person receiving my gifted book was unimpressed for various reasons. But why would someone be nonplussed by a gift? […]

  • FUN: FIVE Great Episodes of Television of the 2010s

    FUN: FIVE Great Episodes of Television of the 2010s

    It’s been an up and down decade. But one thing consumers have reliably counted on are quality television shows. The world burns around us, but damn if we don’t have some fine TV. Here are five of my favorite episodes from the past ten years.

  • FUN: TEN Favorite Television Shows of the 2010s

    FUN: TEN Favorite Television Shows of the 2010s

    Have we reached peak TV? Hard to say. So many people suffer from recency bias and are quick to declare what they just watched as the Best Thing Ever. I remember thinking in the 1990s that The X-Files could never be topped. Then in the 2000s, it was The Sopranos. These days, I still love […]

  • FUN: Unpopular Opinions — Horror Movie Edition

    It’s Halloween, the greatest holiday, and today I wanted to unleash my ornery side by sharing horror movies that I think are much better than most people will admit. I expect most people who read this list to shake their heads and mumble “Jason, Jason, Jason…” All I have to say to that is that […]

  • FUN: I Want to Believe

    Being a child of the 90s, I harbor a soft spot in my heart and memories for all things The X-Files. The rebirth of the series has been a mixed bag: some good, some bad, all of it colored through the warm lens of nostalgia. In the recent episode “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” […]

  • FUN: Said the Spider to the Guy

    FUN: Said the Spider to the Guy

    It is Friday. I want to end the week with a terrifying experience I suffered last weekend. The day is warm, the sun is bright, and I’m enjoying a nice drive on a busy highway. The radio is booming a favorite song (nothing by Milli Vanilli, trust me on this). The power of music causes […]

  • FUN: Dad Rock

    I owe my dad an apology. It is generally believed that kids hate their parent’s music. And, likewise, Parents hate their kid’s music. Sure, it’s not so black and white, there is occasional overlap in tastes. But on a whole, much of what we old-timers enjoy falls outside the spectrum of today’s youth. And by […]

  • FUN: 5 Things I Learned This Past Weekend While Visiting Clay County

    Donald Trump has locked down the Appalachia Kentucky vote. Because he says what is on his mind, fuck the consequences. Braggadocio and impulsive decisions are what we need when dealing with Russia, Iran, and the Mexican immigration issue. Kids will play on a steep slip n’ slide until their bodies are black and blue and […]

  • FUN: The Celebration of 10 Years in photos

    The big celebration is over. I’ve had 24 hours to recover. Now is when I re-hydrate and consider all that happened. As the weekend progressed, a growing sense of pride threatened to overwhelm me. There are so many smart, incredible people who are part of the Apex family that it astounds me. I’m nobody special, […]

  • FUN: Darkside — A radio play by Tom Stoppard

    Let me through, I’m a moral philosopher! — Ethics Man I stumbled upon this bizarre radio play named “Darkside” on Spotify searching for the new Pink Floyd single (worth searching out, btw). It played on BBC2 Radio in the fall of 2013. It’s a play intertwined with the album Dark Side of the Moon. Here’s […]