Irredeemable — An Update

I’ve been busily promoting Irredeemable at all sorts of places. The first three can be found here:

Accents Radio on WRFL 88.1 interview — I talk about writing, editing, publishing, and I read ‘Caspar’ and an excerpt from ‘City Hall’. This is a link to an mp3 file.

Allways Unmended — An essay concerning the process of selecting cover art for Apex Publications books and Irredeemable. — My essay detailing how the book came to be.

I always try to write my guest essays and do interviews in a slightly askew fun manner. Because, let’s be frank, most interviews and essays are boring. Throwing in a bit of weirdness is my way of *trying* to be more interesting than a standard interview/essay.

Feel free to let me know if I’ve failed. Or succeeded. Positive feedback never hurt nobody.

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