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  • SELF PROMOTION: Little Digits (Short story from Irredeemable)

    Little digits hold long metal rulers. Children. Third graders. Miss Janice sits at a desk, her bony knees pointing upwards at awkward angles. She writes the punishment phrase over and over. “I will not talk in class.”“I will not talk in class.”“I will not talk…” Her fingers cramp and the pen stops moving. There’s a […]

  • Author Achievement Unlocked: First Vlog review!

    For the first time (as far as I can tell), somebody has reviewed my book on their Vlog. Author Achievement Unlocked! Reader Nicole Platania gives a pretty nice rundown of her favorite stories and why she likes them. Nicole gets bonus kudos from me for capturing a lot of the symbolism and metaphors I placed […]

  • The weekend that was in pictures and snark

    Saturday morning Mari Adkins and I did the Morris Book Shop’s ‘Homegrown Authors’ thing at the Lexington Farmer’s Market. Please forgive the filter used on the photos, it didn’t mean to suck. (bunch of photos below the cut…)

  • Upcoming Appearances and miscellany

    We’ve reached the time of year where I have a crazy amount of things happening. The Farmer’s Market/Morris Book Shop Booth June 7th, 9am-Noon, Saturday Lexington, KYMari Adkins and I will be signing. Come get your fruit and your book in the same trip! Buy my book and I will buy you a strawberry. Event […]

  • Read Irredeemable, Win Cain’s Blood

    Hello! This is Lesley Conner. *waves* I’m an editor at Apex Publications, and when Irredeemable was released, Jason asked me if I’d help him spread the news since I do a lot of the marketing for our Apex titles. One of the most important things for an author when a book comes out is getting […]

  • IRREDEEMABLE Signing: Post Mortem

    The official kickoff event for my collection Irredeemable happened this past Saturday at Joseph Beth Booksellers. As you might recall, I was a bit nervous. How did it go? Rather well. I’d guess around 30 people showed up. The crowd was a mix of family, friends, Apex supporters, and even a couple of strangers. My […]

  • IRREDEEMABLE: Release Event Final Call

    IRREDEEMABLE book release event! LAST CALL!!! Where: Joseph Beth Booksellers, 161 Lexington Green Circle, Lexington, Kentucky 40503 When: 4pm – 6pm I’ll be doing a reading, a Q&A, and a signing in support for my first collection, Irredeemable! My publisher, Seventh Star Press, will be on hand and will be giving away tons of goodies. […]

  • Irredeemable — An Update

    I’ve been busily promoting Irredeemable at all sorts of places. The first three can be found here: Accents Radio on WRFL 88.1 interview — I talk about writing, editing, publishing, and I read ‘Caspar’ and an excerpt from ‘City Hall’. This is a link to an mp3 file. Allways Unmended — An essay concerning the […]

  • IRREDEEMABLE: Introduction by Geoffrey Girard

    On the Night the Hogs Ate Willie… The Redemption of Author Jason Sizemore by Geoffrey Girard Skip this. Really. If, for some reason, this introduction is performing some role in your decision on whether to buy the book or not, then: BUY THIS BOOK. The eighteen stories within this collection deliver everything that good speculative […]

  • FREE FICTION: “Caspar” by Jason Sizemore (from the collection IRREDEEMABLE)

    And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.       King James Bible, Matthew 2:11   From his vantage point on the corner bench, […]