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  • Imaginarium — Post Mortem

    Last weekend I was a guest of Imaginarium, a new writers’ conference in Louisville, KY. To say I was pleased with how it turned out would be an understatement. Full Disclosure: Imaginarium is the brainchild of Stephen Zimmer. Stephen Zimmer operates Seventh Star Press, the publisher of my collection Irredeemable. I’ve been to several “first […]

  • IRREDEEMABLE Signing: Post Mortem

    The official kickoff event for my collection Irredeemable happened this past Saturday at Joseph Beth Booksellers. As you might recall, I was a bit nervous. How did it go? Rather well. I’d guess around 30 people showed up. The crowd was a mix of family, friends, Apex supporters, and even a couple of strangers. My […]

  • Irredeemable release event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers

    It has been confirmed. *Irredeemable by Jason Sizemore (ISBN: 978-1-937929-59-6) Release Event Joseph-Beth Booksellers Lexington, KY May 17th @ 4:00pm. http://www.josephbeth.com/ If you’ve never been to a Stephen Zimmer led Seventh Star Press event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, then you’re in for a treat. He always manages to drum up a large crowd. He gives away […]