IRREDEEMABLE Signing: Post Mortem

The official kickoff event for my collection Irredeemable happened this past Saturday at Joseph Beth Booksellers. As you might recall, I was a bit nervous.

How did it go?

Rather well.

photo 1

I’d guess around 30 people showed up. The crowd was a mix of family, friends, Apex supporters, and even a couple of strangers. My publisher, Stephen Zimmer, opened the event by giving away a whole bunch of free books from Seventh Star Press. Free stuff is cool.

After a blush-inducing introduction by Stephen, I took the mic. I made jokes. A couple of the jokes even drew laughs! I proceeded to talk briefly about an English teacher I had back in high school named Mr. Jones. Then I proceeded to read “Yellow Warblers” as it is the only story in Irredeemable that wouldn’t upset the children. Nobody wants to upset the children.

photo 4
I was very excited to be there!

After the reading, I gave out some door prizes from Apex Publications: mugs, T-shirts, and books! Free stuff is cool!

Then the fun part happened. I sat behind a table and people lined up to have copies of Irredeemable signed. After I signed their book, they got a free homemade chocolate chip cookie (made by Janet Harriett).

Finally, the activities at Joseph Beth ended around 6pm. A small group of ten of us went to Giuseppe’s and enjoyed some of the best Italian food Lexington has to offer. We drank grasshoppers and talked writing until 9:30pm.

I get home. Take my shoes off. And by 10:30pm I’m dozing off on the couch.

My cousin TJ who I hadn't seen in over 10 years.
My cousin TJ who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years.

What did I learn from my first signing?

1) Chocolate chip cookies are POPULAR!

2) People seem to appreciate the door prizes.

3) I have work to do regarding shifting intonations in my reading. I’m still a bit flat. I might take a workshop at the Carnegie to help with this.

4) You’ll never know who will show up.

5) About 1/3rd the people who promise you they’ll come won’t.

6) People love the cover of Irredeemable.

Overall, I had a blast. I hope to do one more signing in Lexington later this summer.

3 responses to “IRREDEEMABLE Signing: Post Mortem”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    Yay. Will pick up a copy as it sounds super cool…just as soon as the moths move out of my wallet. It sucks being a broke supporter of indie writers and publishers…LOL! I think I get enough free stuff to help balance it though. 😉

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      Ah, the plight of the small press publisher. Most of the readers who buy small press buy tons and tons of books in general across many genres and publishers. So then you have readers with too many books they’ll never get around to reading and with empty wallets.

      I do hope you can grab a copy of Irredeemable. I think you’ll dig the type of fiction in the collection.

      Dig your website, btw.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        You know, I am 98% Apex! I don’t think I’ve bought as much from any other in a while. It is hard though to read everything. That is what my summer is…Summer of Reading! I hope to work my way through most of what I’ve bought.

        Thanks about my site. It’s not much and I REALLY need to update more but it’s my little corner of the web and I love it.

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