Did I Miss Anything?

A few minutes ago, I remembered I had a website. With a blog. Scrambling over to check it out, I noticed I hadn’t updated my blog since… August 4, 2012.

Sorry. I’ve been busy.

I came in second for the Hugo Award. I was a featured guest at Scarefest. I talked about my love of pumpkin spice latte in the Wall Street Journal. I trained Janet Harriett to be a vicious and cruel publisher. I said a lot of stupid stuff on Twitter. I released a few books through Apex. I’ve also become a champion thumb wrestler and compete in various professional leagues across the country.

I am also in the process of changing my surname to Cumberbatch.

Now that the website is once again under my withering gaze, it will be updated more frequently. Or so that’s the plan.

In the meantime, here is a fairly high profile interview ThinkProgress.org did about me. Highlights include me accusing a NYTs reporting talking out his ass. I consider it less an accusation and more a statement of fact.

4 responses to “Did I Miss Anything?”

  1. Sarah Peduzzi Avatar

    You forgot to mention all Important Life Lessons you learned from a certain Sarah Peduzzi. Just sayin’.

  2. Sarah Peduzzi Avatar
    Sarah Peduzzi

    You forgot to mention all the Important Life Lessons that a certain person taught you. Ahem.

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      I have a whole post dedicated to your music all planned out.

      1. Janet Harriett Avatar

        And you’re saving that post until after the Great Sarah Peduzzi comes out to a convention, right? For all you know, she’s just a bot with particularly questionable taste in music.

        And here’s an Important Life Lesson for Sarah: when you do meet the boss, try the pink stuff.

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