Navigating the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror Genre Markets

This summer I am teaching my first formal seminar at the Lexington Carnegie Center for Literacy.

Saturday, July 14, 10:00 am-1:00 pm $35

Finding the right publisher for your genre work can be a challenge. SF, fantasy, and horror are filled with multitudes of niche publishers that show up on the bookshelves right next to the larger book companies. Small press, micro-press, big six… join the Hugo and Stoker Award-nominated editor and publisher Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications as he lays out the many paths to publication you may take in both the novel and short fiction markets. We’ll discuss the leading publishers in the field, the qualities you should seek in a genre publisher, and the types of fiction currently sought by editors.

Here is a complete list of Saturday Seminars.

Do consider signing up. I have this great fear that I’ll show up and it’ll be me and one other dude, and that dude promptly leaves after pitching me his Community erotica novel (that I would probably buy). Being my first time at the Carnegie, I want to make a good impression with a strong showing in attendance. 🙂

I’ll post this again a few days before the day of the class, but register now to make sure you get a spot!

Learn more about the awesome Carnegie Center for Literacy here.

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