Chipping In for a Good Person

Harlan County, Kentucky, has cast out some unique characters over its infamous and varied history. Cawood Ledford, the longtime voice of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, was from there. Perhaps Kentucky’s greatest contribution to the American literary arts, George Ella Lyons, hailed from Harlan.

According to Wikipedia, Nick Lachey of the boy band 98 Degrees and current host of The Sing Off is also from Harlan.

Most importantly, Raylan from Justified has Harlan County ties.

Mari Adkins isn’t a Harlan County native, but she lived in Harlan long enough to have her blood tainted with coal slurry and the thin mountain air that addles the brains of many who live there (see Raylan, Boyd Crowder, Mags Bennett, Dickie Bennett, et. al). I really need to edit the Wikipedia entry on Harlan and add Mari to its notable past denizens…

Mari is also notable for being an awesome person and friend. Despite an insane amount of stress and worry in her own life (for a partial recounting, go dig through her blog), she always has a moment to lend and ear and empathy for whatever silly thing that might be bugging you. She always finds a way to lend her service when you need a hand… in my case, she has volunteered many hours behind the Apex exhibitor tables so that I can grab a break or a a bite to eat.

Unfortunately, Mari’s laptop finally went permanently dark. She’s not in a financial position (her hubby was recently laid off by those evil assholes at Amazon) to buy a new/used computer. Thus, I ask you to consider chipping in a buck or two to help Mari find the money to buy herself a laptop. (link takes you to a widget that lets you donate… WordPress is LAME because it won’t allow any embedded scripts in posts on WordPress hosted sites)

Naturally, this isn’t a solely selfless call to action on my part. It never is. Without a computer, Mari will not be able to attend to the edits I need for the novel of hers I’m publishing (Vampires. In Harlan!).

I need that novel edited.

Open your wallet!

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