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  • REVIEW: The Weight of Chains by Lesley Conner

    The Weight of Chains (Sinister Grin Press) is an eye-opening debut novel from Lesley Conner. You might remember Lesley from her “What Say You” post a couple weeks back. She’s a sweet-faced Girl Scout leader who writes horror that makes even *me* cringe. Set in 15th century France, this historical-horror novel contains two fast-paced plot […]

  • IN OTHER WORDS: Lesley Conner on Gilles de Rais and The Weight of Chains

    Lesley Conner’s The Weight of Chains (Sinister Grin Press, 2015) is a visceral, dark historical fantasy that holds nothing back. She bases much of the novel’s horror on historical fact…and you know how it goes…the truth of our atrocities far exceeds any horror any one of us can imagine. I will have a review of […]