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  • REVIEW: Climax (directed by Gasper Noé)

    REVIEW: Climax (directed by Gasper Noé)

    The films of Gasper Noé typically leave me cold. I watch them, I recognize that a director of great skill has created the movie, but the content leaves me unmoved. I’m by no means a Noé connoisseur. He’s produced a lot of work, but I have seen four of his films now: Irrévisible, Enter the […]

  • REVIEW: VHS: Viral — A Public Shaming

    First came VHS. It was okay. Then came VHS 2. It was good. VHS: Viral came and upset me by being terrible. The VHS films are each an anthology of horror shorts with each short contributed by a director of some acclaim. For instance, in VHS, you have contributions by Ti West and Joe Swanberg. […]

  • The Sacrament

    The Sacrament directed by Ti West and starring genre vets AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, and Amy Seimetz is another entry in the flourishing found footage sub-genre of horror. If you absolutely hate the found footage conceit, then you’re probably going to miss The Sacrament, and that is a damn shame. The film is quite interesting, […]

  • Let’s talk Blue Ruin

    Netflix. That collection of digital entertainment where television series and bad movies go to retire. Netflix. That collection of digital entertainment where a patient subscriber can find the occasional gem. Last weekend I watched Blue Ruin. I had read the AVClub review of the film and knew it had received some critical love. Sign me […]

  • Movie Review: V/H/S the horror movie anthology

    Those of us in horror love our anthologies. We like the frights to come fast and to come often. I think that’s one small reason why the anthology format works so well in horror. We sit down, we read, we want a jolt. If I grab a novel, I’m not assured that jolt. I might […]

  • Let the Right One In movie review (original… not the Hollywood remake)

    As a horror fan, I’ve been reading issues of Rue Morgue and Fangoria whenever I remember to buy them at my local Barnes & Noble. Both do a great job covering several aspects of the horror field (those being film, fiction, gaming, special effects, and music) and invariably they lead me to interesting horror films […]

  • Watching Watchmen, not so bad, after all

    I’ve known Justin Stewart for a long time. I’m guessing close to ten years. To me, he’s the arbiter of ‘cool.’ He is the only person I know who can wear a pink t-shirt bearing an image of unicorns making…love…and be considered cool for it. So, it was to my detriment that I ignored Justin’s […]