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Why Revive the Drive?

If you follow Apex Magazine, you probably know we’re currently running a promotion called Revive the Drive. It’s a mix of subscription drive, fundraiser, and an excuse to have some fun (the Pumpkin vs. Oz cuteness showdown, the live stream of It Follows commentary).

We called it “Revive the Drive” because we cut our annual drive short back in November after the election. It was a time of celebration for Trump supporters. It was a time of sadness for Clinton supporters. Nobody was in the mood to spend money. Bigger things were going on.

Also, being raised a Southern Baptist in the hills, I’ve always had a thing for revivals.

But why do a drive at all?

Fair question.

Apex Magazine makes enough via regular promotions and day-to-day sales to maintain the status quo. But what’s a life if you’re not always trying to improve? We want to increase our author, artist, and editor pay. We also desperately, and I mean DESPERATELY, need to hire a part-time assistant editor. Lesley and I struggle to keep our heads above water at times.

There are also plans to expand how much fiction we publish each month, but that’ll require a bit more than our $10,000 goal.

But really? This is all a grand scheme to make Lesley Conner watch and live tweet It Follows with me.

It Follows — A Review

itfollows_dvdblog_dvdart350Question: What horror film has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% and a Metacritic score of 83%?

Answer: The creepy and, at times, scary movie It Follows by director David Robert Mitchell.

My favorite film review website, The AVClub, gives It Follows a rare score of ‘A’. You might ask…is it really that good?

Well… it’s complicated.

The conceit of the movie is that if you sleep with the wrong person, a nameless and relentless monster will come after you until you’re dead. In essence, a sexually transmitted curse. There are plenty of nasty sexually transmitted problems, and this curse is one of the worst.

The hero of our movie, Jay Height (played brilliantly by Maika Monroe), sleeps with her handsome, mysterious paramour, unwittingly setting the shape shifting monster after her. Hugh (Jake Weary) explains the rules to Jay while she is tied immobile to a wheelchair while they wait for the monster to arrive.

  1. Only the afflicted can see the monster.
  2. It can take the form of anybody.
  3. It follows its victim at a slow walk until it takes her/his life.
  4. The victim can release his/herself from the curse by passing it sexually to another person.

It is like director David Robert Mitchell took what is most compelling about 80s slasher flicks such as Friday the 13th and Halloween–that our hero is dealing with a seemingly unstoppable supernatural force–and adds a mix of realism, hopelessness, and mystery.