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  • Context 27: Post Mortem

    The weekend has passed and thus has my convention season. I love doing conventions, but they sure take a lot out of me. Attending Imaginarium and Context in back to back weekends was the first time I’ve ever pulled that stunt. Yesterday I hit a wall and did not feel that great. Today, I’m bouncing […]

  • Read Irredeemable, Win Cain’s Blood

    Hello! This is Lesley Conner. *waves* I’m an editor at Apex Publications, and when Irredeemable was released, Jason asked me if I’d help him spread the news since I do a lot of the marketing for our Apex titles. One of the most important things for an author when a book comes out is getting […]

  • IRREDEEMABLE: Introduction by Geoffrey Girard

    On the Night the Hogs Ate Willie… The Redemption of Author Jason Sizemore by Geoffrey Girard Skip this. Really. If, for some reason, this introduction is performing some role in your decision on whether to buy the book or not, then: BUY THIS BOOK. The eighteen stories within this collection deliver everything that good speculative […]

  • BOOK REVIEW: CAIN’S BLOOD by Geoffrey Girard

    I’m giving this one a 5/5 rating. While not a perfect book, it is one of the most engaging reads of the year and contains some nice moral ambiguities and a realistic, flawed protagonist. MINOR SPOILERS Castillo is an ex-Special Ops member who spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. He’s seen and done some […]

  • My first flip ARC: Project Cain and Cain’s Blood

    Pal and author Geoffrey Girard gifted me one of his very few flip ARCs of his pair of upcoming novels: Project Cain and Cain’s Blood. His publisher is doing something with the books that I’ve not experienced or heard of before. Cain’s Blood is a thriller about a group of kids cloned from the DNA […]