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  • Read Irredeemable, Win Cain’s Blood

    Hello! This is Lesley Conner. *waves* I’m an editor at Apex Publications, and when Irredeemable was released, Jason asked me if I’d help him spread the news since I do a lot of the marketing for our Apex titles. One of the most important things for an author when a book comes out is getting […]

  • BOOK REVIEW: CAIN’S BLOOD by Geoffrey Girard

    I’m giving this one a 5/5 rating. While not a perfect book, it is one of the most engaging reads of the year and contains some nice moral ambiguities and a realistic, flawed protagonist. MINOR SPOILERS Castillo is an ex-Special Ops member who spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. He’s seen and done some […]

  • My first flip ARC: Project Cain and Cain’s Blood

    Pal and author Geoffrey Girard gifted me one of his very few flip ARCs of his pair of upcoming novels: Project Cain and Cain’s Blood. His publisher is doing something with the books that I’ve not experienced or heard of before. Cain’s Blood is a thriller about a group of kids cloned from the DNA […]