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  • OPINION: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Joseph-Beth Booksellers

    With so much angst in the inner circles of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, it is easy to forget how much books mean to so many people. When I heard that Catherynne M. Valente would be in Lexington in support of her Fairyland series, I asked my daughter if she would be interested in going. […]

  • FOR WRITERS: Do Editors Really Reject You For That…A Writer’s Lament

    A question I’m asked frequently in my short fiction workshops goes like this: Do you really take into consideration things like elements of plot and the part of a story when you’re considering them for publication? My response is: Yes, but maybe not the way you’re thinking. I know that’s a dodgy answer. But give […]

  • SF/F/Horror Short Fiction Reviewers

    I was pleased to see that Tor.com has picked up Amal El-Mohtar’s new short fiction review series “Rich and Strange.” The world needs more quality short fiction reviewers like Amal bringing attention to the good stuff. Of course, Apex Magazine has been running Charlotte Ashley’s short review series Clavis Aurea for 6+ months by this […]

  • OPINION: Warren Ellis isn’t paying attention.

    I’m a fan of Warren Ellis: his comics, his novels, his blogging. The guy is a genre entertainment machine. But he frustrates me with his misunderstanding of the state of SF/F/Horror short fiction zines. Here he is ruminating about the failed rebirth of NEW WORLDS: “NEW WORLDS was never a nostalgic enterprise. But, perhaps, publishing […]

  • 10 Question FAQ: Apex Magazine has a new chief

    It is true. I have taken over as Apex Magazine editor-in-chief. Here’s a brief FAQ about the self promotion: 1) Why the switch? Because I foresee life changes in my future and I felt that placing myself back in the role of EiC of the zine would help the odds that these life changes are […]

  • You must be a great reader to be a good writer

    One of my mantras is that in order to be a good writer you need to be a great reader. Maybe this is not true for everyone, but for a great many I would venture that it is. I always encourage short fiction authors to try and stay current with their favorite zines. You’ll get […]

  • And then a Hugo happened…

    Consider my mind blown. The 2014 Hugo Award nominees were announced Saturday afternoon. I was in transit to visit the family in southeast Kentucky at the time, but the flood of Twitter notices (folks congratulating me) made the announcement hard to miss! Nominated in the category for Best Semiprozine is Apex Magazine and its editors […]

  • Hugo Award Nomination!

    And then it happened again… Apex Magazine and its editors Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, and me have been nominated for a Hugo Award in the category of Best Semiprozine. Second year in a row… never did I imagine I would be a Hugo nominee, but to have it happen twice… it is quite […]

  • Play it cool Sizemore… the Hugo Award…

    Friends, a crazy thing has happened. I have been nominated (along with fellow editors Catherynne M. Valente and Lynne M. Thomas) for a Hugo Award. Specifically, Apex Magazine and the three of us have been nominated in the category of Best Semiprozine. A complete list of nominees can be found here. A lot of personal […]