For Exposure: The Life & Times of a Small Press Publisher


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Signed by the author and personalized.

Publisher/editor Jason Sizemore’s For Exposure is a creative memoir and reflection of his first seven years in the science fiction publishing business. He claims every detail in the book is factual, but it is up to the reader to determine what outlandish events are facts and what might be fiction.

Follow Sizemore’s unconventional professional path as it winds through a tiny, overheated Baptist church deep within the coalfields of Appalachia, Kentucky, past a busted printer and a self-serving boss that triggered an early mid-life crisis and the epiphany that he should open a magazine spreading the gospel of science fiction to the masses, all the way to WorldCon 2012 and his first Hugo Awards ceremony.

In this collection of semi-true and sometimes humorous essays, Jason exposes the parties, people, and triumphs that shaped him into the Apex Overlord. He also lays bare the hardships and failures that have threatened to take it all away. Meet Thong Girl, heed the warning about the ham, receive rest stop bathroom wisdom, and visit an emergency room straight out of a horror movie in this extraordinary account of life as a publisher and editor.

With rebuttal essays from Maurice Broaddus, Monica Valentinelli, Lesley Conner, and more, For Exposure tells Jason’s story with insight from key players along his road to success. It is a comprehensive and frank look at what Apex and the genre publishing business are about. Take a shot with the publisher, dance the night away, and become a legend. And do it all For Exposure.

Includes first-person rebuttals by Geoffrey Girard, Maurice Broaddus, Janet Harriett, Monica Valentinelli, Sara M. Harvey, Justin Stewart, and Elaine Blose.

Also features a look at Apex ten years in the future by Michael A. Burstein, Jaym Gates, Maggie Slater, and Jettie Necole.

Contains the following TRUE recountings by the author and accompanying rebuttals:

Prologue: See the Child
Chapter 1: The Risk Master
Chapter 2: The Ham
Chapter 3: A Forgotten Night
—A Forgotten Night: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Justin Stewart
Chapter 4: Legends of the Slush Pile
Chapter 5: Death by a Thousand Cuts
Chapter 6: Another Forgotten Night, with Fact-Checking by Maurice Broaddus
Chapter 7: Business Acumen
Chapter 8: Building the Legend of Apex
—Building the Legend of Apex: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Elaine Blose
Chapter 9: Stoned and Delirious
—Stoned and Delirious: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Sara M. Harvey
Chapter 10: Waterfalls
—The Case of the Mysterious Warm Splatter: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Monica Valentinelli
Chapter 11: For Exposure
—For Exposure: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Lesley Conner
Chapter 12: Lord Hugo
—Lord Hugo: Eyewitness Rebuttal by Janet Harriett
Chapter 13: Parting Shot
—“Faithful Reader” by Jettie Nicole
—“Unless…” by Maggie Slater
—“I Remember the Future of Apex Publications” by Michael A. Burstein
—“Feed the Beast” by Jaym Gates

Cover art by Justin Stewart

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