• The Art of Narrative Momentum

    They say to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader. Until recently, it never occurred to me that this should include both fiction and nonfiction (excepting for the better books on writing). Many of you are probably saying “Duh”… but writers hear me out, because Moneyball by Michael Lewis provides a great study in something […]

  • Things that happened

    The year 2011 has come and went, and it seems that the general consensus is “good riddance” to it. I can’t say I disagree, it wasn’t the best of times, though it wasn’t the worst of times (talking on a personal level, of course). On the positive side… They Might Be Giants released a new […]

  • The 2011 Remix

    Good grief. Has it really been since October 14th? So much has happened since then… My professional life can be broken out into three segments. First, there is the day job. Second, there is the Apex job. Third, there is my freelance job. In regards to the first, I quit my old job working for […]

  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Even though today is Apple’s day in the sun with the release of the iPhone 4Gs, Amazon has been having a good run of late. A couple weeks ago, they announced their Kindle Touch and Fire. Both are impressive pieces of electronic equipment. The Kindle Touch begins at $79 (with ads… or as Amazon calls […]

  • As a geek, I approve of this message

    This tickles me in so many ways. I’m such a Star Wars-loving computer and science fiction nerd. 🙂

  • Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror

    Indeed, there are 11 tales of ghostly horror and I have one of them. Buy it here for $4.99. This is through FR Press, the outfit that runs FlamesRising.com. Good people, top to bottom.  This happens to be an eBook-only release, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing it. There’s some good writers in this […]

  • A weekend with Lance

    Scarefest came and went. I sold some books. Promoted my book company. All in all, a successful weekend. Oh, did I mention I accomplished my goal of meeting Lance Henriksen? Smartly, the convention organizers placed my booth just out of view from where they had Lance stationed. It would have been too much of a […]

  • Me and Lance and you

    Friday through Sunday I’ll be running an Apex booth at Scarefest here in hometown Lexington, KY.  Come out and see me, especially if you’re local. I’ll gossip about publishing, hillbillies, crazy writers, crazy artists, or anything else that’s got up my crawl at the time. Scarefest is quite a spectacle. And this year the big […]

  • OPINION: 8 million strong… and growing

    According to Bloomberg in this article dated December 21, 2010, Amazon was expected to sell 8,000,000 Kindles during the year. To be honest, I bet that figure will be greater. Then there are all those iPads flying off the shelf. The nook color is a pretty damn cool reader and has a growing fan base. […]

  • OPINION: The Internet—Empowering the idiots who should not be heard at all

    A couple weeks ago, I posted a tongue-in-cheek article titled “Dark Faith–Four Tips to Woo the Editors.” I had several reasons for doing so… First and foremost, I know the editors well… they are two of my best friends (Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon), so any opportunity that allows me to take digs at them… […]