• Bossypants by Tina Fey

    I must confess that I am pro-Tina Fey. In fact, I find her to be funny, smart, and quite pretty. Yeah, I said you were pretty, Tina Fey. I know that pisses you off. You coming after me, ya New York City hard ass? I heard your rants and your lectures in Bossypants about your […]

  • Accents Publishing, Another Lexington Publisher!

    All my life, poetry has been a foreign language to me. I’ve always been a decent writer, but the times I’ve been forced to try my hand at writing a poem, results have been disastrous. My English professor in college accused me of cheating… he was certain someone else had written my poetry assignment because […]

  • The Day in the Life of a Publisher

    Being a publisher is a glamorous job. You wield the power to bring tears to the strong. You have the power to give the weak a reason for moving forward. As Mari Adkins likes to say: “I like it when I make them cry.” Okay, I’m being facetious. I’m often asked what it’s like being […]

  • Let the Right One In movie review (original… not the Hollywood remake)

    As a horror fan, I’ve been reading issues of Rue Morgue and Fangoria whenever I remember to buy them at my local Barnes & Noble. Both do a great job covering several aspects of the horror field (those being film, fiction, gaming, special effects, and music) and invariably they lead me to interesting horror films […]

  • Watching Watchmen, not so bad, after all

    I’ve known Justin Stewart for a long time. I’m guessing close to ten years. To me, he’s the arbiter of ‘cool.’ He is the only person I know who can wear a pink t-shirt bearing an image of unicorns making…love…and be considered cool for it. So, it was to my detriment that I ignored Justin’s […]

  • Flood by Stephen Baxter

    The clock is ticking down to the End Times, people. Gather up your family, your pets, a stash of food and water, because when the reckoning comes, you need to be ready. What shape will the reckoning take? There are many options: nano-virus, swine flu, global warming, zombie outbreak, alien invasion, Cthulu, and others. Stephen […]

  • An Asshat and a New Fan

    This past Saturday, a young lady who goes by the stage name of Lana Del Rey had a pair of terrible performances on Saturday Night Live. The two songs that she sang, “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” are soulful, moody pieces that require quite a vocal range. She was off-tune and stiff, quite visibly nervous. […]

  • The Failure of Fallout: New Vegas

    Despite being a book publisher, I land firmly on the side that video games are a form of art, in the same mold of other forms of visual media such as movies, television, and music videos. Except that video games are even cooler because they’re interactive. I would venture that making a game that is […]

  • January – Who Am I?

    Once a month, I’m going to try and do these “About me” type posts to give new readers and old alike a quick rundown of who I am. I am not someone of any particular importance. On a scale of Unknown to President Obama, I rank right around “Who the hell is that?” I run […]

  • Aloha from Hell by Richard Kadrey

    Blasphemy. It’s all the rage. I blame the Republicans, and specifically, those types running for office. The double election of George W. Bush has them all thinking that thumping the Bible will get them elected. Meh, whatever. Richard Kadrey’s Aloha from Hell is full of blasphemy and good old fashioned violence. But all the violence […]