Irredeemable_Cover800X600What is Irredeemable?

It is a collection of 18 dark SF, dark fantasy, and horror short stories. Most were originally published in various semi-pro and pro-level zines and anthologies. Some are original to the collection.

That’s the boring description of Irredeemable. Let me tell you about the collection in a more appealing, fun manner.

Irredeemable is a collection of 18 stories where an irredeemable bastard gets what’s coming to him or her. Most are given the opportunity to do the right, honorable thing, at least this one time. This fine balance between right and wrong is a common theme in my short fiction, and the primary one I wanted to explore with Irredeemable.

Irredeemable is published by Seventh Star Press.
Cover art by Tomasz Trafial
The trade paperback retails for $15.95 and the eBook is $3.99. Order it today!!

Seventh Star Press
Book Depository (Free global shipping!)
Direct from the Author (signed)



Table of Contents:

Introduction by Geoffrey Girard — On the Night the Hogs Ate Willie– read the intro
Caspar– read the first story in the collection
City Hall
For the Sake of Pleasing
Ice Cream at the Falls
Little Digits
Mr. Templar
Plug and Play
Shotgun Shelter
Sonic Scarring
The XX Agent
The Dead and Metty Crawford
The Sleeping Quartet
Useless Creek
Yellow Warblers

Many of the stories are set in the Appalachian region of Kentucky (and my hometown of Lexington).


The Word Nerds — A guest post where I explain how Irredeemable is really Appalachian Gothic, as opposed to Southern Gothic.

Far Beyond Reality — A guest post where I discuss what it is like being a writer, editor, and publisher.

Wag the Fox — A fun essay in which I argue that Return of the Living Dead 3 is one of the great tragic romances in film.

Kentucky Geek Girl — Did the NES game Ghosts ‘N Goblins enrage me enough to make me become a horror writer? Find out in this essay!

Accents Radio on WRFL 88.1 interview — I talk about writing, editing, publishing, and I read ‘Caspar’ and an excerpt from ‘City Hall’.

Allways Unmended — An essay concerning the process of selecting cover art for Apex Publications books and Irredeemable. — My essay detailing how the book came to be.


I can tell you all day that Irredeemable is a great book but I’m biased. So, check out some of these reviews instead.

Books, Bones, & Buffy

Shattered Ravings

Strange Girl in a Little House

Wonderland Press

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