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Freelance Services

Jason Sizemore’s edited work includes Hugo and Nebula Award winners.

I am available for a variety of services. These include copy editing, proofreading, mentoring, developmental editing, typesetting, and ebook conversions.

Rates vary based on your service needs. In general, copyedits are 10$ per 1000 words and mentoring is $40 per hour. For those on a budget, I’ll do what I can to accommodate.

Short Stories





Ebook Conversion

“Jason provided feedback on a short story of mine that wasn’t getting any bites. His suggestions were both kind and insightful and cut to the heart of what the story needed. That story, soon after, found its home in a pro rate magazine.”

Leah Ning

I’m also available for teaching (online and in-person) and guest lectures/appearances. I’ve been a guest speaker for a varied list of venue such as universities, writing groups, and library organizations. My rate varies, but most of the time it’s whatever you can afford.

Let’s make your manuscript more awesome.

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