I offer the following freelance services:


I have been nominated for the Hugo Award a total of three times for my work editing Apex Magazine. I was also nominated for the Stoker Award for editing the anthology Aegri Somnia. I’ve edited several short stories and novels that have been nominated for (and sometimes win) major awards such as the Hugos, Nebulas, and Stokers.

Short stories up to 7,500 words. $10 per 1,000 words. Full story copy edit and written critique.

Manuscript critiques.  0.4 cents per word ($40 per 10k). I’ll provide a detailed critique of your work in terms of salability, how to strengthen the story, and more. Think of this as a developmental/content feedback option.

Manuscript copy edits. 0.7 cents per word ($70 per 10k). This includes sentence-level corrections for grammar, consistency, and plot coherence. Will include some development feedback.

Manuscript proofreading. 0.3 cents per word ($30 per 10k). I’ll provide a check for typos, grammar, missing words, etc. Purely mechanical without developmental feedback.

eBook Creation and Typesetting (for novels/novellas/collections/anthologies). $5 per 10k. I’ll provide a DRM-free validated ePub, mobi, and a print-ready PDF. I use Vellum for practical and time purposes, so customization is limited. Vellum is a great program that we use for all our Apex Book Company publications.

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I asked Jason to review a short story of mine that had received good feedback from editors, but no acceptances. His comments were insightful and constructive; both pointing out what was good and giving solid suggestions for improvement. His critique and editing gave me the direction I was looking for to tweak the story and get it back out there. His rates were more than reasonable, his turnaround was fast, and he was a pleasure to work with. I will certainly use his services again.
— Beth McKenzie (Reach me with questions on Twitter: @McKkenzie596)

Jason Sizemore provided quick and structured feedback for my story. His notes were thoughtful and the edits he suggested flowed excellently with the story as a whole. It was obvious that he took the time to read and understand my story before offering suggestions and edits. I would definitely work with Jason again and can’t wait to approach the work he reviewed with a new-found excitement at it’s possibility. It was a really good experience.
— Daniel Pereyra