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  • FUN: Happy birthday, Bjork!

    Today is Bjork’s 49th birthday. I’ve followed her amazing musical career since I was but a wee lad. She’s weird, beautiful, and talented. A perfect trio. Happy birthday! I dedicate this song to Bjork: So now let’s travel Bjork’s career trajectory. It started with this bit of weirdness. Best (read: worst) white man rapping in […]

  • FUN: All About Those Books

    See, kids these days aren’t all bad, even if teenagers do scare me. This would have been perfect had they used but one copy of IRREDEEMABLE in the video. Still, well done Mount Desert High School! I think Meaghan Trainor would be pleased with this cover. I know I am.

  • FUN: Too Many Cooks

    The great thing about something as meta and post-modern as Too Many Cooks is its unbridled originality…er, wait a minute… This was a student film by Erica Rupp in 2010. Lots of similar oddities and themes in Door’s Always Open as there are in Too Many Cooks. I suspect this is nothing more than a […]

  • FUN: The Thing — Childs and MacReady

    If you’ve not seen John Carpenter’s fantastic sci-horror film THE THING, then beware. SPOILERS BELOW! I commonly cite The Thing as one of my favorite films and one of the most formative films I saw as a youth. Thanks to John Carpenter (and Ridley Scott), I became enamored with quality dark SF and sci-horror. I’ve […]

  • FUN: 20 Years of Pulp Fiction — And the question remains

    One of the great joys of my college years was getting to watch Pulp Fiction on the big screen. Being an early adopter, I got to reference and quote PF before it became tiresome to do so. The one time in my life where I got to be hip and ahead of the curve. Of […]

  • FUN: Pumpkin Spiced Libertine — A History

    I’m angry. I’m angry because pumpkin spice has been co-opted by those seeking a quick buck. I’ll not stand on a box of Starbucks pumpkin spice mixture and preach to you about the sanctity of our precious orange substance. But at one time, pumpkin spice was something special, something seasonal, something sensational. Every year, my […]

  • FUN: Context 24 Post mortem

    Context 24 has ended. I am home. Not quite recovered. And am now processing all that happened over the weekend. On a whole, the convention was a successful one for me and the bizness (Apex). Sold some books. Promoted the press. Sat on four panels and shared my kernels of editing/publishing wisdom. Made a handful […]