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  • FUN: Context 24 Post mortem

    Context 24 has ended. I am home. Not quite recovered. And am now processing all that happened over the weekend. On a whole, the convention was a successful one for me and the bizness (Apex). Sold some books. Promoted the press. Sat on four panels and shared my kernels of editing/publishing wisdom. Made a handful […]

  • FOR WRITERS: Five Emails You Should Avoid Sending to an Editor

    Here are five common emails that you should avoid sending to an editor. I do believe I’ve received variations on each of these at least twenty-five times a year. Just by a little research, or using a smattering of common sense, you can help an editor stay just on the right side of sane. 1) […]

  • REVIEW: Carnival Arcane by Midnight Syndicate

    Carnival Arcane, the new studio album from Gothic horror soundtrack musicians Midnight Syndicate, might be a high point in the band’s already stellar and legendary career. With Carnival Arcane, band members Edward Douglas and Gavin Goska mine the sights, sounds, fun, and pervasive darkness of popular carnival music. What they have produced is a memorable […]