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  • REVIEW: Climax (directed by Gasper Noé)

    REVIEW: Climax (directed by Gasper Noé)

    The films of Gasper Noé typically leave me cold. I watch them, I recognize that a director of great skill has created the movie, but the content leaves me unmoved. I’m by no means a Noé connoisseur. He’s produced a lot of work, but I have seen four of his films now: Irrévisible, Enter the […]

  • IN OTHER WORDS: Zig Zag Claybourne on If You Can’t Love the Words You Want, Love the Words You’re With

    IN OTHER WORDS: Zig Zag Claybourne on If You Can’t Love the Words You Want, Love the Words You’re With

    In one thousand words, I’m gonna tell you why you love writing. I had no idea I’d ever get divorced. I loved my wife. We’d not only been lovers during that relationship from day one onward, we’d been friends. We were the kind of couple who’d spontaneously reach out to hold hands for no reason. […]

  • HEALTH: Baby Steps Back Into the World

    HEALTH: Baby Steps Back Into the World

    Let me preface all this to say something important. Thank god it was not cancer (edit: it was cancer). Despite all that I’ve been through, I count myself lucky. In February, I had a triple mandibulectomy resection due to an aggressive, but benign, tumor. Approximately 80% of my mandible was removed and replaced with a […]

  • FUN: Unpopular Opinions — Horror Movie Edition

    It’s Halloween, the greatest holiday, and today I wanted to unleash my ornery side by sharing horror movies that I think are much better than most people will admit. I expect most people who read this list to shake their heads and mumble “Jason, Jason, Jason…” All I have to say to that is that […]

  • IN OTHER WORDS: E.D.E. Bell on Hand-selling at Events

    Last week I put out a call for guest posts from people who have something genre-related and creative to share. It didn’t take long for someone to step up. If you’d like to promote something send me an email via my contact form. — Jason One of my favorite things to do as an author […]

  • INSIDER TALK: The Disappointment of Idols

    Let me preface this post with the comment that I’m not looking to answer any questions or suggest actions regarding the subject. I’m just recounting a personal experience and how it affected me. Back in my formative college years, I was a budding science fiction & fantasy fan. I would skip studies (and, occasionally, classes) […]

  • INSIDER TALK: Publishing Your Friends

    With the release of Jerry Gordon’s Breaking the World, someone online asked me in private if I was ever given shit for publishing my friends. tl;dr — Rarely.

  • SELF PROMOTION: Free Coffee, Compliments of the Telford Nature Explorers of Washington

    I have a new story (my first in a long while) over at Speculate! magazine titled “Free Coffee, Courtesy of the Telford Nature Explorers of Washington.” Read it here. Recently, I learned that some states have rest stops where charity organizations setup tables and offer free coffee to weary travelers. Ever suspicious of random acts […]

  • OPINION: Black Hole Sun

    “Times are gone for honest men.” The man who wrote and sang that lyric has died. Chris Cornell is probably most famous for fronting the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. He also had success as a solo artist and leading Audioslave (with the remaining members of Rage Against the Machine). Cornell had incredible vocal range and […]

  • REVIEW: Back to Nebraska, back to jamming to Kay Hanley

    Random fact: the most popular blog post on this site is my love letter to the alt-rock women of the 1990s: The highlight of that post was the confession that I harbored an innocent crush on the lead singer of Letter’s to Cleo. I mean, I still do, but I’m happy to jam to […]