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  • Cover Model (with zombie arm)

    I got bit by a zombie on my left arm. It festered up something awful, but it did land me on the cover of a magazine. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! The Southsider Magazine is a Lexington, KY, community interest publication with a sizable circulation (yay for publicity!). Being an inhabit of the south […]

  • Apex Publications seeks Blog Editor

    I’m cross posting this here hoping to lasso a few more qualified candidates. 🙂 This originally appeared on the Apex blog. Apex is looking for a blog editor. Are you interested? Hey, you might wonder. Didn’t they recently hire Sarah Olson? Indeed, we did. And Sarah has been and remains insanely awesome. She has done […]

  • My Fandomfest schedule for this weekend

    I am a literary guest at Fandomfest 2012 to be held this weekend in Louisville, KY. This is a pretty big shindig with tons of high profile media guests (Bruce Campbell!) AND literary guests (Timothy Zahn!). I’m pleased to have been invited to be part of the madness. Apex will be running a table in […]

  • Ruminations on The Terror by Dan Simmons

    Way back in the year 2007, The Terror, an alt-history horror novel by SF icon Dan Simmons, was released to (mostly) critical acclaim. It is a despairing book, about a British expedition that becomes stuck in the frozen sea ice of northern Canada where the crew must deal with starvation, scurvy, botulism, freezing cold, and […]