Would you like to have me as a speaker, guest, or seminar leader?

I’m currently a writing mentor for the Carnegie Center Author Academy where I am also an instructor and workshop leader. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest of the Knoxville Writers Guild and the Indiana Horror Writers. I have led seminars about the crafts of editing and writing for Joseph-Beth Booksellers, the Lexington Public Library, numerous literary conventions, Scarefest, the University of Kentucky, and Seton Hill University, among others. I’ve also had the pleasure of being a guest-of-honor at many conferences.

While nobody will confuse me with the great debater Henry Clay, I am an experienced lecturer and seminar leader in the broad subjects of writing, editing, and publishing with a focus on speculative fiction. My speaking style is informal and conversational. When I lead seminars, I prefer to engage directly with students and make the learning experience interactive, positive, and hands-on. I prefer to use modern genre novels and short stories in my curriculum as opposed to classic literature, as I feel this helps the students to understand the current marketplace and publishing trends.

I am based in Lexington, KY. Driving to locations such as Louisville, Knoxville, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Nashville poses no problems. Anything further away might require travel compensation, though this will depend on varying factors.

Schools and non-profits rates can be negotiated or bartered. I’m happy to work with your budget.


One great aspect of being a publisher, editor, and writer is meeting fans of Apex or my writing at public functions. Therefore, convincing me to attend your convention as a guest should be moderately simple. If you’re nearby, I only require a comped membership. Longer distances means greater expenses, so in those cases, I might ask for a stipend or be comped vendor space to sell books.

I have been a guest of honor at a number of conventions, including Conglomeration, MoCon, MidSouthCon, Imaginarium, the Gen Con Writers Symposium, and many others.

Email me for additional details.