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In the winter of 2020, I was diagnosed with a rare, invasive disease that required the removal of my mandible, a bunch of teeth, and various random glands. In their place the doctors built a new jaw out of my left fibula, leaving me with a pound of titanium and a wicked scar across my neck.

Thank goodness for doctors and science.

I was out of commission for a year. Then Covid happened. When the world (and I) were healthy enough once again, I charged out of the gate. I was mentoring for the local writing center, I joined the board of a local charity, I started Reach Your Apex, launched Snap Judgment, I’ve attended a bunch of conventions, ran three Kickstarters, am editing an anthology with Lesley Conner, another with Sheree Renée Thomas…it’s…a lot.

Around a year ago, I made managing editor Lesley Conner the co-editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine. The position fit her like a perfect mold. I saw someone doing the job far better than me, particularly since I was stretching myself thin in so many directions. The decision to make her editor-in-chief, singular, was easy.

Rebecca Treasure, our flash fiction editor, has added managing editor to her titles. Becky is also a perfect fit.

I’m still active with the zine, but more behind-the-scenes.

I’ve also disabled most of my social media accounts. We’ll call that the culling of time wasters. I’ve been dormant on Twitter since Musk took over, hardly used Instagram, and spent too much time on Facebook. Excising them from my life has been nice.

There is big news to share with Apex Book Company that will explain a lot of the reshuffling. I hope to be able to share next week.

In regards to my health, no surgeries on the horizon. Let’s keep it that way.

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