It took several months, but I finally have my personal website to a point where I’m happy to share it with you, the undulating masses! I hope you find it easy to navigate and full of interesting and useful content.

While I do plan to do some original content in the form of reviews, commentary, and travelogues, today I want to unload a bunch of information. I have somewhere north of sixteen coals in the fire that I want to share, so let’s get the show rolling.

  1. Word Economy in Short Fiction — April 19th, 1pm, $15
    This is an upcoming online webinar I’m running via the Apex Book Company’s Reach Your Apex program.

    Junk words and phrases. We all use them: just, barely, hardly, look up to the sky. Apex Books and Apex Magazine editor Jason Sizemore will share his tips for making your writing tighter, more impactful, and less wishy-washy.
  2. I’m taking a limited number of freelance clients for editing work. If you’re interested head here and let me know.
  3. My personal online shop is live. Why order here rather than through Apex Books? Eh…convenience? You’re already here. Oh! Also, books bought through my site will be signed.
  4. My next in-person Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy writing group at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning starts on April 10th. If you live or near Lexington and you’re a new writer this is a great way to receive feedback, encouragement, and motivation to write!


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