I was promoting the Apex Book Company Patreon page over on my personal Twitter when a couple of savvy and trusted friends made a suggestion in response to my thoughts about an editing topic.

They said they would pay real MONEY and back the Apex Patreon if I did a monthly series about editing for our patrons.

I’ve shied away from doing a series like that behind a paywall for my book publishing project. I want to target readers, not writers. It’s easy to fall into the small press trap of only selling to writers and people who are aspiring to be writers.

But if these two trusted and savvy friends are to be believed, readers are often interested in process-oriented information. Especially information that pulls back the curtain from the mysterious process of editing and publishing.

I have two friends who say they’ll back the Apex Patreon for my essay series. But I need more than two in order to make this worth the time.

Is this something YOU, my blog reader, would find interesting enough to consider paying $1 a month for an essay on an editing topic of my (or your) choice?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments or hit me up via email through my contact form. I really want to hear your opinion on this.

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