Me at my last book signing.

I’ll be representing Apex at the Breaking the World book launch party this weekend in Indianapolis.


Indy Reads Books, 6-8pm
911 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Facebook Event Page:

I love the idea of throwing a celebration for a book launch. By any measure, writing a novel is no small ordeal. And having one published is quite extraordinary. Such accomplishments should be noted in a public setting.

But having done maybe a dozen of these, I still can’t tell you what to expect in terms of attendance. Will the place be packed? Or will I be sitting with the author eating all the finger foods in an empty store?

I don’t know. I expect Jerry’s launch to have 50+ attendees. Whatever the case, whether there are 5 people in attendance or 100, I promise myself to have fun.

Unless it’s only Jerry and I. Chomping carrots and fighting over the veggie dip. That will be awkward.


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