Hi. It’s been a few minutes since I last posted.

When I started this website, blogs were all the rage. All the cool people in the business wrote online journals. The Man of the People–John Scalzi–helped build a nice following with his. Chuck Wendig fights for the Side of Good on his and earned a sizable fanbase. Other bloggers would post entire novels for free on their blogs…and some of them even became rich and famous (hello Andy Weir & Hugh Howey)!

I wanted in on that action. But, ultimately, I found it to be too much work. Let’s not address the truth…that I simply was not, am not interesting enough to post entertaining content on a near daily basis.

Then Facebook and Twitter REALLY took off and blogs faded. BLOGS ARE DEAD read many clickbait headlines. Like a good lemming, I focused my attention on Facebook and Twitter. It went fine for a couple of years, until the world started to sour on social media. It might have something to do with social media dog piling, or perhaps all the Russian bots, or that Twitter has a bad Nazi problem…

So, lately, a resurge in blogging has occurred.

Okay, I lied. I’ve no idea if blogging is still dead or if it has picked up. I saw one headline claiming it was time to return to the platform. Whatever the case, I hope to write the occasional useful/entertaining post on my website once in awhile. Just to keep the site current.

For example, with this post, I would like to share my convention schedule for the remainder of the year. I hope I see you at one of them!

Aug. 2-5
Indianapolis, IN

Oct. 5-7
Louisville, KY

World Fantasy Con
Nov. 1-5
Baltimore, MD

I have many other activities planned, but a lot of them are local. Such as an upcoming appearance at the Lexington Public Library Book Buzz event. Perhaps I’ll share my thoughts about it in the coming couple of weeks.

Today’s artwork:

“The Ass and His Driver”



George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. “The ass and his driver.” New York Public Library Digital Collections. Accessed April 18, 2018. http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/510d47da-90a1-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99

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