Been awhile…I’m sorry.You can berate me in person at ConFusion in Detroit, MI where I will be a guest and vendor. I hope to see you there!

What: ConFusion SF/F Convention
When: January 19-22
Where: The Sheraton (hotel) 21111 Haggerty Road · Novi, Michigan, 48375
Website: http://2017.confusionsf.org/

My panel schedule:

Jason Sizemore

Defying Gravity

Too often we see new writers compared to Neil Gaiman or Margaret Atwood for purposes of marketing. Standing in the shadow of greatness can be overwhelming. Even more so if that shadow is cast by a relative or mentor. How does a writer escape the orbit of those who’ve come before and is it even worth worrying about?


7:00 PM


Anthony W. Eichenlaub (M), Amy Sundberg, Jason Sizemore, Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka, Ken Schrader

Jason Sizemore

Social Media Tips & Tricks for Authors

Social media is fraught with peril. It can bleed your time, suck your soul, and maybe ruin your career. Or, it can be tremendously uplifting. How do you leverage social media for positivity and minimize its destructive tendencies? What platforms and applications make it easier?


10:00 AM


James L. Sutter (M), Sarah Gailey, Cherie Priest, Jim C. Hines, Mishell Baker, Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore

Mr. Robot

Open, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!


1:00 PM


Dan Moren (M), Jason Sizemore (M)

Jason Sizemore

Vendor University

A crash course on the ins-and-outs of becoming a vendor at a convention. Panelists will provide useful information about working with convention staff, how to interact with customers and complaints, and how to work around the unexpected, as well as discussing the real financial risks and rewards, licensing, and the legality of fan art.


5:00 PM

Isle Royale

Doreen (ANN LONG) White (M), Deanna Laver, Michael Kucharski, Katherine Erickson, Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore

Blurring the Lines

Genre is sometimes described as little more than arbitrary marketing categories, but readers and writers often define themselves by their preferred genre. What makes a genre distinct, and what happens when those distinctions are imported into another genre? Is it just a crossover, or an illustration that the distinctions are arbitrary?


10:00 AM


Brandon Black (M), Jackie Morgan, Cherie Priest, Jason Sanford, Kristine Smith Jason Sizemore

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