OPINION: Con Nooga Post Mortem

Last weekend I made my first appearance at Con Nooga. Robby Hilliard, director of the literary track had invited me to attend, so I decided to venture south and check it out.

I like Chattanooga.  It’s a nice town that embraces its southern pride without being obnoxious about it. Tennessee whisky is a specialty there, one I enjoyed in a tasty and strong drink called Chattanooga tea.  Mmm.

The Apex table, despite its poor location in the vendor hall, did good business. All 5 panels I sat on were well attended. The convention, from my perspective, was friendly and well-ran.

I even enjoyed the concession stand hamburger I had Saturday.

While few people knew me, many knew of Apex. This was incredibly gratifying.

Here are 5 things that might…or might not have happened at Con Nooga last weekend:

1) cried out in fear due to a terrifying noise outside my hotel room in the middle of the night

2) Watched John Hartness insult a man just to make him cry.

3) engaged in a southern accent war with a diner waitress

4) scold a roomful of people for never reading anything by Thomas Ligotti…for shame

5) make a hotel clerk uncomfortable with a blank stare as he made terrible jokes (I had only had one cup of coffee!). The clerk finally gave up and said “Are all people from Kentucky so humorless?

Jason Sizemore
Pardon me, but I laugh all the damn time

3 responses to “OPINION: Con Nooga Post Mortem”

  1. That was way nicer than the time I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. 🙂 Great seeing you this weekend!

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