I am a special guest at Con Nooga this weekend in Chattanooga, TN. This is my first time at this particular convention, and I look forward to the experience.

Here is my panel schedule:

4:00 PM Writing Believable Dialogue

7:00 PM Writing Openings that will hook your reader
8:00 PM Steven King and Other Horror Masters

12:00 PM Serious Depressing Dystopian Fictional Worlds
1:00 PM Terrible Writing Advice

The Sunday panels are in my wheelhouse. I like to think I live in a serious depressing dystopian fictional world. And any writing advice I give will be terrible!

Apex will also have a presence in the vendor hall. The vendor hall schedule is below. If I’m not at the bathroom, searching for coffee, or at a panel, you can safely bet I’ll be at the Apex table.

Friday – Noon until 7pm
Saturday – 10am until 6pm
Sunday – 10am – 2pm

If you want to find me or wish to avoid me, well, there’s the schedule. See you this weekend!

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