The Final Plea.

Today is the last day of the Apex Magazine subscription drive. We’ve done incredibly well. Even so, we’re about $1800 from our primary goal of $5000. I think the goal is still attainable. We have 1 more lifetime sub we can sell for $250. We are selling our entire catalog of back issues for $40. Gift subscriptions are available.

A small combination of purchases would have us at $5000 rather quickly.

Apex Magazine, even after 78 issues, is a passion project for me. Simply put, I love editing and publishing a zine. The $5000 will pay for a big-time novelette from one of the most popular authors in the field right now: Ursula Vernon. It will allow me to take a giant step toward making the zine a true PRO zine (it falls into the semipro category currently).

$5000 doesn’t provide ME financial security. It provides the magazine with fuel to grow further. $5000 secures the future of Apex Magazine. It makes long-term goals such as expanding into regular novelette features, producing an Apex Magazine app, and bringing a quarterly chapbook edition of the zine closer to reality.

Ten years ago, I started Apex with the hope of making a difference. I’m proud to say that, IMHO, Apex Magazine has made a difference.

And to all those who have helped in the last two weeks, either via money, your time, or by helping spread the word, you’ve made a difference to me. And I say THANK YOU.

Nine hours until midnight. Let’s finish on a high note!

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