Like most modern day members who live on the bleeding edge, I’m crazy busy these days. Because I only get myself in trouble during times of introspection and boredom, keeping the wheels burning is a great thing.

I’m ready to reload. I’ve finished the work of the first wave of freelance clients and am ready to pile it back on. To the best of my reckoning, I received high marks across the board.

If you’re interesting in my editing, writing, or web services, please check out this page:

I have one story out right now. It’s a weird sci-horror piece that I’m quite pleased with. I hope it finds a good home.

I’m also making slow progress on my alien invasion novel based on the short story “Sonic Scarring” from Irredeemable.

I’m editing an anthology with Lesley Conner titled Best of Apex Magazine. The plan is to end the poorly selling The Book of Apex series and replace it with an irregular Best of… antho. It contains 20 stories selected by Lesley and I from the first 78 issues of Apex Magazine. Fans get to vote on the 21st story. The story that receives the most votes will be included. Cool, right?

Speaking of Apex Magazine, we’re running a major subscription drive until November 13th. We’re hoping to raise $5000 in order to do some cool things in 2016 with the zine. If we make our goal, we’ll be publishing a great novelette by Ursula Verson set in the same world as her award-winning “Jackalope Wives.”

After the passing of Ghost, I thought it would be awhile before I wanted another cat. But a visit to the Lexington Humane Society’s setup at PetSmart disabused me of that notion quickly. A feisty little orange guy charmed me and the family in record time. We went home with him that evening and promptly named him Pumpkin.

He’s lazy, though. This is his reaction this morning when I told him we needed to go to the office and work on some editing:

12183779_10153038824407820_7869248450969806437_o“Work? I don’t think so!”

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