Paying it forward is one of my favorite concepts. If you’ve read For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher, you’ll know why. I’ve been the benefactor of many ‘paying it forward’ acts of kindness by colleagues over the years.

I have a friend that can use a bit of that paying it forward love. Her name is Carrie Cuinn. She’s a hardworking single mom who has hit a bit of a financial snag due to a recent illness, the demands of school, and a twelve-year-old special needs son. She’s open and forthright about her situation. You can read about the issues she’s dealing with here.

Apex Publications bought an enrollment to her next editing workshop, “Editing for Writers“, and we’re raffling the enrollment we purchased to help raise some funds to ease the financial stress Carrie is dealing with.  Carrie gets the $100 from our enrollment and half the money raised from the raffle (the other half will go to the authors of the anthology Best of Apex Magazine).

You can buy raffle tickets from Apex here:

There are other ways to help. You can hire her for freelance editing. You can buy her book. You can donate directly.

And if you don’t have any money, you can still help by sharing the raffle info or sharing Carrie’s freelance page!


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