Yesterday, I had my 3 minutes of fame.

It is amazing how fast 3 minutes pass when you’re doing your best to impress a television camera.

You know how surreal it can feel when you meet a really famous person? Going into the LEX 18 news studio was like that for me. I’ve been watching Dia Davidson and Lee Cruise for at least a decade. I wasn’t starstruck, but I was like “These people are real, after all.”

After brief pleasantries, it was time to sit down and put on a show. There was no countdown. One second I’m sitting there looking around studio, the next Lee Cruise starts his introduction. Oh, so we were live, I better look interested!

Lee holds up the hardcover copy of For Exposure. Asks me a question about how I must have plenty of stories of misbehaving authors. Because that’s what all non-publisher types want to hear about. Seriously. I mention how I’ve been cornered by more authors I can count with various horrifying book pitches. But I broke out into what I thought would be the most interesting tale from For Exposure: My experience at Archon and the scary hospital.

Sadly, no matter how fast I talked, I could not tell the story quick enough. I *think* Lee and Dia chuckled a few times at my retelling (particularly about the Vicodin), but I was so wrapped up in finishing in 3 minutes that I didn’t pay much attention.

Dia thanks me for being there. Mentions For Exposure. And I was done.

Lee and Dia shake my hand. I apologize to them for taking over the show. They laughed and said I made the segment too easy for them. The next noon time guest was ushered in. I was ushered out.

And my 3 minutes of fame were over just like that.

In retrospect, I feel like I did a poor job promoting myself and my book. I needed to be more chill. This was my first in studio experience, and the adrenaline was flowing high. If I get another shot at TV, I plan to do better.

A big thank you to the nice folks at LEX 18 for having me on their show. It was a memorable, if short, experience! 🙂

And if you’re wondering where the video is…I’m working on it. Though I’m not keen to share it since I sucked.

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