I’m on the jury panel for the The Ocean Trash Write-Away: Short Fiction Contest. This pleases me for two reasons.

  1. I am a greenie and a tree-hugger. This short fiction contest appeals to my environmentalist leanings.
  2. The contest is FREE. And offers great rewards to the victors!

Full guidelines can be found Sapiens Plurum short fiction contest guidelines. Below are the general guidelines to give you an idea of what they want.

In 1947, explorer Thor Heyerdahl piloted a raft across the Atlantic, and was distressed by the amount of garbage he found floating on and in the ocean. Since then, more and more has accumulated in each of the major seas and oceans. Heavy metals bind to the plastic. It breaks down into dust eaten by filter feeders. It accumulates in swirling gyres in the oceans, inside marine animals, and eventually inside us. Birds and marine animals die by the tens or even hundreds of thousands each year from plastic ingestion. And annually, plastic dumping and leakage is 8 million tons and rising!

Ocean trash is the antagonist. We are asking you to imagine solutions because envisioning solutions – even wild and crazy ones – is the first step toward making change. Go ahead and extrapolate on the technological and social trends and inventions you’ll find at Sapiens Plurum News. How can humanity clean up this mess we’ve made and turn the tide on trash? Tell us a story. Submit it by September 19, 2015; it’s both International the International Coastal Cleanup and Talk Like a Pirate Day. Your story might win a prize and be published online.

Our criteria for judging your 1500-3000 word stories will be:

  1. Story quality:

o   Is it readable?
o   Do we care what happens?
o   Is there suspense?
2.  Understanding of the problem: does the solution demonstrate awareness of the complex industries, habits and processes feeding trash into the ocean?
3.  Inspiration: could this inspire scientists, social scientists, politicians, engineers, or activists to become protagonists in the fight against ocean pollution through its surprising simplicity, affordability, effectiveness, achievability, attractiveness and/or fun?

Email me if you have any questions.

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