WhatMakesYouDieLast Saturday, writer and all-around wonderful person Tom Piccirilli passed away after a long fight against brain cancer. Like many in genre circles, Tom was an influential person. He always had time to offer advice. If you needed a cornerstone author to legitimize your anthology, Pic would step up (if he believed you had the chops) no matter how busy he was. And he was always busy. If you search for his work on Amazon, you’ll see 162 results.

I am honored to say that at least 5 of those results are from Apex. In 2013, we published his novel What Makes You Die. He also recently appeared twice in Apex Magazine.

Pic believed in me, believed in Apex right from the start. I recounted my first conversation with him in For Exposure.

Hours later, blissful and exhausted, I made to leave. On the way out, Tom Piccirilli took me aside.

“Look, I want to help you out. I might have a story I can send you, you pay me what you can, just don’t tell anyone. As far as the world knows, I squeezed you for my usual rate. Right?”


“The zine’s not perfect. It’s a bit rough around the edges, if you know what I mean. But I can tell you’re trying to do this the right way. Writers appreciate that. So don’t fuck this up.”

I gulped. “No, sir, I won’t.”

Tom shook his head. “You and your fucking ‘sirs’.”

A week after Hypericon I received a fantastic dystopian science fiction piece from Tom.

I want to help his wife, Michelle Scalise, a wonderful lady I met at MoCon five or six years ago. To that end, Apex is selling Tom’s novel What Makes You Die and the two recent issues of Apex Magazine and giving all net proceeds to Michelle.

You can order via the following links:

What Makes You Die (TPB/eBook)
Apex Magazine issue 59
Apex Magazine issue 65

If you don’t order from Apex, please check out these lists of Tom’s other work and buy one or more. Every bit helps and in return you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic reading experience.



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