I posted this on our FB event page, but I wanted to expand a bit on some of the activities. The 5pm start is set in stone as is the 10pm end time (the store closes). The other times are there as a guide.

If you arrive early and need to leave early (or arrive late) we’ll have signed copies of FOR EXPOSURE available.

Also, I hope to have the panel discussion and Q&A recorded.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments!

Schedule of Events–Activities begin at 5pm.

5pm — Welcome and commencement with JBB employee Patricia Murphy

5:10pm — Panel discussion and Q&A with Jason Sizemore, Janet Harriett, and Lesley Conner. Geoffrey Girard is the panel facilitator. Subject is “10 Years of Apex, Apex 10 Years from Now”. We’ll discuss publishing, the small press, and Apex secrets.

This will be a good time to ask embarrassing questions as Lesley, Geoff, and Janet know all the dirty Apex secrets and details. Of course, I know a few about them, too…

6:00pm — Gary A. Braunbeck introduces Jason Sizemore and For Exposure.

Patricia of JBB asked if I wanted anyone to introduce me. My initial reaction was that such a thing wasn’t necessary. Then it occurred to me that this was a rare opportunity.

I asked Gary A. Braunbeck if he would do the honors. He said yes.

How many times in a guy’s life do you have a chance to have Gary Braunbeck introduce you to a crowd? I am honored beyond belief. Gary is someone I’ve admired since I first read his fiction. Then I met him, and discovered he’s as fantastic in person as he is a writer. He’s been a positive influence for so many people and consider myself lucky to call him a friend.

6:10pm — Jason Sizemore reads a brief extract and talks about the inspiration for the book.

I’ll make this short. I don’t want anyone to get restless.

6:30pmFor Exposure signing with Jason Sizemore and contributors Janet Harriett, Lesley Conner, Geoffrey Girard, Jettie Necole, and Maurice Broaddus.

There might be another person or two there, and there might be a person or two who won’t be.

7:00pm — Dinner with Apex at the Joseph-Beth Bistro

Here’s the menu the chef has put together for the dinner.

What if the World is Flatbread Slow roasted pulled pork and caramelized red onion with a BBQ ranch drizzle. $8

Cyberpunk Chili Fresh veggies, beans, tomatoes and spices slow-cooked and served over rice. Topped with Monterey jack cheese, sour cream and green onion. Cup $4.5, Full order $9

Editor’s Salmon A salmon filet sautéed in a Kentucky bourbon glaze served over rice with a red pen. $14

Turkey Android Roasted turkey breast topped with house-made slaw, Swiss cheese and 1000 island. Served on toasted wheat bread. $10


8:30-10pm — Cocktail Mixer with Apex at the Joseph-Beth Patio (next to the Bistro)

Special drink: Time Traveler Tonic Melon liqueur, Vodka and xxx. $7

After 10pm???

A couple of people have mentioned post-party hams. NO. NO NO NO.

Apex Authors in Attendance

For those who would like to take this rare opportunity to meet some of our way-out-of-town authors, here is a list of who will be in attendance. The authors/editors will be selling and signing copies of their books.

Douglas F. Warrick — Author of Plow the Bones, contributor to Dark Faith and Dark Faith: Invocations.

Elizabeth Massie — Author of Desper Hollow, contributor to Appalachian Undead

Eugene Johnson — Co-editor of Appalachian Undead, contributor to The Zombie Feed: Volume 1

Maurice Broaddus — Author of I Can Transform You, co-author of Orgy of Souls, co-editor of Dark Faith, co-editor of Dark Faith: Invocations, contributor to Appalachian Undead, contributor to Glitter & Mayhem. contributor to For Exposure

Jerry Gordon — Co-editor of Dark Faith, co-editor of Dark Faith: Invocations

Lesley Conner — Contributor to Mountain Dead, contributor to For Exposure

Lucy A. Snyder — Contributor to Dark Faith: Invocations, contributor to Appalachian Undead

Mari Adkins — Author of Midnight, editor of Harlan County Horrors

Damien Angelica Walters — Author of Sing Me Your Scars, contributor to Glitter & Mayhem

Gary A. Braunbeck — Author of To Each Their Darkness, contributor to Dark Faith, contributor to Appalachian Undead

Geoffrey Girard — Contributor to For Exposure, contributor to Dark Faith

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