For Exposure_CVR002sm With 18 days to go until the big Apex 10th Anniversary Party, we have hit a milestone date.

Today, Apex Publications has announced that we are accepting preorders for FOR EXPOSURE! Your order comes with free domestic shipping. You’ll also have your book signed by the author, artist, and numerous essay rebuttal contributors.

I’m quite verklempt about this news. The book is a deeply personal one for me. It also serves as a milestone for a big moment in my life–where I go from unhappy software developer to invigorated small business owner, writer, and editor. The success or failure of FOR EXPOSURE will set a personal tone for the next few months. The whole book, its reception, and its sales, makes me nervous!

I will say this for For Exposure. It’s been well-received by my beta readers and writers groups. Better than anything I’ve written before.

Preorder Page:

Announcement Page: (yep, that’s a long URL!)

2 thoughts on “Accepting preorders for FOR EXPOSURE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A SMALL PRESS PUBLISHER

  1. That may be a long URL for the announcement, but whoever wrote the announcement itself did a fabulous job. 😉

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