Embedded in yesterday’s announcement regarding the June 20th Apex 10th Anniversary Party was a not-so-hidden mention of a new Sizemore book release. Five different people have asked me about it. My viral marketing plan has worked!

The book is titled For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher. It will be a collection of essays detailing some of the more entertaining shenanigans I’ve gotten into over the past ten years. A memoir of my time running Apex, if you will. The essays are all written in a “creative nonfiction” style, though everything I share is rooted in actual experience. Because this books ties in so closely with Apex, it will be published through Apex Publications.

The title is, of course, a sly double reference to exposing my ten years to the public and the small press habit of offering to pay contributors “for exposure.”

Justin Stewart is providing the cover art.

Past/Current Apex authors and editors are contributing to an “Oral History of Apex” and a chapter outlining where they think Apex will go in the next ten years.

The book releases June 20th! Another reason to attend the history making 10th Apex Anniversary Shindig.

In the next few days, I hope to share the Prologue on the blog. Until then, here is a taste:

See the child cower behind the pew. He’s a matchstick of a kid, pale with a ball of thick, curly red hair towering outward like a healthy flame. At the age of ten, his imagination is an uncontrollable beast, and he can imagine the demonic afflictions that affect the men and women jerking about on the worn brown carpet of Big Creek Baptist Church.

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