I need your suggestions. I have an old iPad that I’m placing in a display frame. I plan to run an image slide. What type of slides would prompt you to consider buying one of our books? The frame/iPad setup looks a bit like this:


This will be in a vendor hall at a fandom convention.

If I use your idea, I’ll give you a free copy of Irredeemable (or any Apex book)!

4 thoughts on “Give me your suggestion. I give you my book.

  1. Slides of great review quotes and especially author and PW etc. reviews.

    On a related note I’m soon trying something on a vendor table I haven’t before, to try to move excess old stock. Just sitting it out for free/donate (with suggested donation amount) with a paypal address and Bitcoin QR code. (This is for when I have to step away from the table mainly to be on a panel etc.)

  2. Another slideshow idea are nice quotes from the texts. For example opening lines of stories from Irredeemable, or (non totally spoilery) great lines from inside the stories.

  3. How about alternating book covers with author photos. Maybe a one-line quote in text on the author photo to give a sense of character.

  4. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest–we totally do. So my suggestion would be to include cover art and, as above, some introductory quotes or great lines from books/stories. I’d also take care to make sure the timing/refresh interval is good–too fast and people don’t see what you want them to see, too slow and people will get aggravated trying to read things before they go away.

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