FOR WRITERS: Imperious Little Girls

The feeling of rejection is a difficult emotion to process.

Read this post by Jolene Creighton for the gory details of one writer unable to process rejection:

Personally, I hate being rejected. Who doesn’t? And the rejection doesn’t have to come from an editor. Recently, the credit union rejected my application to consolidate a pair of credit cards.

My feelings, they were hurt. Don’t they know I work hard every day! That I pay my bills and taxes like any good citizen! The lady who informed me of my failure surely received a monumental scowl of dismay via my facial expressions. Disappointed by the outcome,  I thanked her for letting me know of the decision and I moved on.

When an editor rejects my writing, I don’t even do that much. No writer should. You simply move on.

And despite how “successful” you think you are, how educated you may be, or how much praise you’ve received, sending a letter of dissent after an editor makes a choice does one thing only: It makes you an unprofessional cry baby.

If you do send a letter of dissent, you certainly don’t call the editors “imperious little girls” and accuse them of “bitchiness.”

Laugh at the self-righteous attitude of the rejected author. Cringe at how self-important he makes himself to be. Read his response and roll your eyes when he declares that he is “practicing an active spirituality.”

Of course, you are, dude, of course, you are…

So, a few takeaways from this.

1) Don’t waste your time arguing a rejection.

2) Don’t waste your time listing “credentials” to back your argument against a rejection. Nobody cares.

3) Don’t waste your time being a sexist jerk when arguing a rejection. It makes you an asshole.

Thank you, and enjoy your day.


2 responses to “FOR WRITERS: Imperious Little Girls”

  1. Jarod Avatar

    Wow. I’ve yet to meet an editor who doesn’t have horror stories. Who are these people who respond to rejections? Where does that impulse come from? Yikes and double yikes.

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      I’ve got so many horror stories…

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