1. Very – Ladies and gentlemen, the most useless word in the English language!

2. Just – Just is the plain, unsalted potato chip of writing.

3. So – You think you should use this word as a conjunction, but you so shouldn’t.

4. Really – For real.

5. Literally – Reserved for Rob Lowe.

I’ve listed these in the order of personal annoyance. When reading for Apex Magazine the overuse of these words are typically a red flag calling out “Newbie author at work here.”

On an unrelated note, I was a guest for a recent episode of the Sequential Spirits podcast. Give it a listen. It is 80 minutes of me facing down my arch nemesis, Tressa Bowling.

http://traffic.libsyn.com/beaucouppop/SequentialEp7.mp3 (Opens to Libsyn player)

7 thoughts on “5 Overused Words to Cut from Your Manuscript

  1. I’m horrible about putting just, so, and that everywhere in my writing. I let them pepper themselves into my first draft, then delete them with glee during revisions.

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