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FUN: Darkside — A radio play by Tom Stoppard

Let me through, I’m a moral philosopher! — Ethics Man

I stumbled upon this bizarre radio play named “Darkside” on Spotify searching for the new Pink Floyd single (worth searching out, btw). It played on BBC2 Radio in the fall of 2013. It’s a play intertwined with the album Dark Side of the Moon. Here’s the official description from the BBC website:

A new drama from legendary playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. The album topped the charts on its release in 1973, and it remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. With an estimated 50 million copies sold it is the band’s most commercially successful work and is frequently ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Sir Tom Stoppard was first approached with the suggestion of writing a play based on the album by a friend in 1973. Now, 40 years later, he’s created a fantastical story about fear, philosophy and madness, which is woven together with the original music.

Surreal. Weird. Entertaining. Fun.

Oh, right, the music is pretty good, too.

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