National Day on Writing

Every October 20th, the National Council of Teachers of English holds a National Day on Writing. It is a celebration of writing in all media: film, novels, short fiction, graphic, and so on. As a publisher, editor, and writer, I heartily endorse this day! One goal of the NDoW is to get communities involved in writing.

Five years ago, Lexington participated by holding a “Longest Short Story” event. They asked legendary Kentucky author Ed Mcclanahan to provide the first line of the city’s shared short story.

This year, they asked me!

The line I came up with: A little girl, tears streaking down her face, pointed into the dark maw of the ‘Centrepoint pit’.

At 12 different locations throughout the city, anybody can sit down and add a sentence or paragraph to the story. The first time they did this, they ended up with almost 100 yards of story! I really want to beat that mark this year.

(For reference, Centrepoint pit is a block sized pit in downtown Lexington…I would estimate 20-30 feet deep. It used to be beautiful green space. For nearly a decade there have been plans to develop a large hotel on the site…but as you can see in the webcam linked below nothing but a muddy pit has been built thus far.)

If you would like to participate, here is the flyer with all the information. Linked here is the PDF edition.

National Day of Writing
National Day of Writing


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  1. Nicole Avatar

    I love the word ‘maw’. This is pretty awesome. I think I need to move to Lexington. They seem to like books and literacy way better than where I am now 😉

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