Context 27: Post Mortem

The weekend has passed and thus has my convention season. I love doing conventions, but they sure take a lot out of me. Attending Imaginarium and Context in back to back weekends was the first time I’ve ever pulled that stunt. Yesterday I hit a wall and did not feel that great. Today, I’m bouncing back.

Context is the convention I look forward to the most every year. A huge bus load of my good friends always attend. There is a sizable Apex fan base. And we generally have a good weekend at our vendor table. Fun. Friends. Cash. A winning trio if there ever was.

I meant to take more pictures, but again, I managed all of 3.

The highlight of the weekend was the Apex party held on Saturday night. I mixed up a 3 gallon jug of the ‘purple’ stuff and a 3 gallon jug of the ‘red’ stuff. They both were hits, if perhaps a bit strong. Geoffrey Girard did a knock up job of running the music and after all us book nerds had a few drinks, some dancing happened.

Elaine Blose models next to the purple jug and the red jug.
Elaine Blose models next to the purple jug and the red jug.

Another highlight was the Friday night flash fiction contest that I judged with Betsy Mitchell, Matt Betts, and Geoffrey Girard. Participants read their story to the crowd and then each judge gave a constructive criticism of the work. At the end of the night, we selected the winning story. This was a cool event and one I might try to put together locally ever month or so.

Lesley Conner and Awesome Dawn wait patiently for the party to begin.
Lesley Conner and Awesome Dawn wait patiently for the party to begin.

I had a hard time getting out of bed Sunday morning and like a chump I missed my 10am panel. Here’s a selfie I took prior to the Apex party. You can tell how pert and happy I am. I meant to do an ‘after the party’ selfie but forgot.

Pert and Happy
Pert and Happy

In the grand tradition of name dropping all the cool people you had fun with, I present you my roster of names: Elaine Blose, Lesley Conner, Awesome Dawn, Geoffrey Girard, Janet Harriett, Maurice Broaddus, Andrea Johnson, Elizabeth Campbell, Matt Betts, Jason Sandford, Brick & Lori Marlin, Monica Valentinelli, and that one guy who did that one thing.

Until next year, Context. Until next year.

3 responses to “Context 27: Post Mortem”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    Can I guess that you forgot your after party selfie because you passed out as soon as you made it back to your room? Maybe you should assign someone picture taking duties!

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      Let’s just say I didn’t feel like taking that second selfie the next morning…

  2. Robert S. Eilers Avatar

    I hope to make Context next year with some published credentials in hand.

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