10 Question FAQ: Apex Magazine has a new chief

It is true. I have taken over as Apex Magazine editor-in-chief.

Here’s a brief FAQ about the self promotion:

1) Why the switch? Because I foresee life changes in my future and I felt that placing myself back in the role of EiC of the zine would help the odds that these life changes are successful.

2) But wasn’t Sigrid Ellis doing a great job? Absolutely! Sigrid is a fantastic person and a fantastic editor. I’m proud that I am able to say that she worked for me.

3) Okay. Then why the switch? See question 1.

4) Will Apex Magazine change dramatically? Nope. As publisher, my editorial directive to all the editors I’ve had work for me has remained the same over the years. Apex Magazine strives to publish boundary pushing, thought-provoking work with a goal of presenting a diverse set of authors (age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality) and voices.

Certainly, the stories will reflect my own editorial vision and will probably be noticeable to constant readers, but if you like what we published under Cat, Lynne, and Sigrid’s time as editor, you’ll like what we publish going forward.

5) What makes you think you can be EiC? Hey now, this ain’t my first rodeo! I edited Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest for 12 issues, edited the first 14 issues of Apex Magazine, and I’ve edited 6 anthologies.

6) Aren’t you a bit of a goofball to run such a serious zine? While I do like to maintain a lighthearted online presence, I take anything and everything to do with Apex Publications (the books and the zine) in a serious and professional manner.

7) How do you have time for this? I don’t.

8) I’m intrigued and want to work for the zine. How do I become a submissions editor? You can email me at jason@apex-magazine.com. We currently have a need for a couple more submissions editors.

9) Sigrid selected beautiful art for every issue. You’re red/green color blind, how will you manage? Let’s just say there might be an occasional odd choice…

10) What are some of your goals as editor-in-chief? Increase our subscriber base and circulation. To raise our author per word pay rate. To maintain the quality of fiction the zine is known for publishing.

Any other questions? Leave a comment and ask! No trolling, unless your trolling is amusing.

7 responses to “10 Question FAQ: Apex Magazine has a new chief”

  1. Sara M. Harvey Avatar

    Regarding art…ahem…


    And I have utter faith in you, Boss. <3

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      Thank you, Sara! 😉

  2. Janet Harriett Avatar
    Janet Harriett

    You have a bot happy to help with #9.

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      I will have to take you up on that offer.

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  4. Robert S. Eilers Avatar

    I’m curious, what is expected from a submission editor?

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      They’re our first readers. If they read a story and think it might be good enough to be published, it is marked for the editor-in-chief to read.

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